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Intelligent Pet Scalp Massager


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Did you know 64% of cats suffer from stress or some mental issue? Yes, that is true! It has been scientifically proven that many cats who have never received some sort of deep tissue massage, WILL suffer from illness or psychological issues! But your cat shouldn’t be one of them. Introducing the new Multifunctional Electric Cat Head Massager. A stunning and smart pet head massager that improves your pet’s health and happiness significantly.

Boost hair stimulation and maintain healthy blood circulation flow. Our Multifunctional Electric Cat Head Massager – Automatic Pet Scalp Massager features 76 pieces of 3D deep-kneading nodes, which will deeply and fully massage your pet’s head. This will help increase blood circulation, boost hair growth, release stress, and relieve sore muscles. As a result, it enhances range of motion, increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, relieves muscle spasms, and helps to flush away toxic compounds, such as lactic acid, that cause pain.

Why You Will Love Our Electric Scalp Massager

Improved relationship – We all love petting our cats, so why not turn it into a great massage session? Spending quality time with your cat (or each of your cats, if you have more than one) is important to keep your bond strong. Our Automatic Head Massager gives you cats the massage they deserve.

Decrease stress and relieve trauma – Your cat could be very stressed and agitated without knowing it, this massager provides deep relaxation and helps reduce stress significantly.

Our Electric Head Massager Features :

HIGH QUALITY : Made of high-quality ABS+TPE and food grade silicone material, it is safe, environmentally friendly, comfortable, and soft, and will not harm the cat’s soft skin.

Use a skin massage machine as a skin brush to avoid direct contact with the nails on the skin and do not harm the pet’s skin.

CORDLESS+RECHARGEABLE ELECTRIC HEAD MASSAGER : One button operation, easy to use. Silent design, good mute effect. Even use on your Cat or Dog is Fine. Enjoy a perfect massage anywhere without an annoying wire, get a full charge one time and you will enjoy a two-hour massage. Relieve tension from your office, home, or even your car.

COMPACT DESIGN : Lightweight & portable, perfectly suitable for traveling as you can store it in your backpack or handbag easily. Massage anywhere and anytime. Works with vibration to accelerate blood circulation and skin absorption. Suitable For athletes, fatigued people, senior citizens, office working people, drivers, or just about anyone experiencing aches and pains.

The Electric Scalp Massager For Hair Growth is designed with an arc anti-skid handle, which is suitable for palm and finger grip. Single-button operation is convenient for massaging your pets.

SILICA GEL CONTACT : Four massagers with 76 small contacts can work both in Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise Rotation to imitate human fingers provide your pet an unforgettable massage experience. And it also helps with blood circulation.

USB CHARGING : No annoying wires, fully charged, enjoy a two-hour massage. Suitable for all cats, dogs. Simple charging, long battery life, and easy to carry.

WONDERFUL SHOPPING EXPERIENCE : It will be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift or birthday gift to your loved ones, to your wife, mum, father, friends, your pet, etc. Great ideal gifts for men, women, parents, and friends. If you have any problems with the scalp massager after purchasing, please feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to bring you the best shopping experience


6 reviews for Intelligent Pet Scalp Massager

  1. Korey Wu

    Very cool buzzer. The cat, however, is still afraid, but the whole family liked it. Works perfectly. Two speed, USB charging. Recommend for purchase

  2. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Cool massager .. Super .. the cats are shocked, and I’m Great‼️‼️‼️

  3. Clarita Pursell

    The cat was scared at first. But I liked the massage under the neck. Cool thing, I recommend it.

  4. Cindi Mcfarlin

     But then how he earned it. The cat appreciated, the massager’s fingers are too soft (compared to Bork, it’s more interesting) the toy, I hope it will last a long time

  5. Ira Forster

    Massager Super! Definitely recommend. The delivery was a little longer, but at least there is an opportunity to pick up in the post office, and not lose half a life in the queue at the Post Office

  6. Ildefonso Sollami

    The massager is excellent, but not for cats-they run away from it with all their paws. But I liked it.

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