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Cat Ball Feeder Interactive Game


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The cat food toy ball requires the cat to play, then it will gain the food it wants, which will improve the cat’s intelligence

The shape design will bring endless fun, reduce boredom and attract your cat to play in a healthy way

With this food toy ball to play with, your pet will not bite the furniture anymore

Not sleep all day for your pets, they will do sport and enjoy treat happily every day

It is safe for adjustable dispensing holes to leak food slowly, a small quantity is enough to satisfy your cat

Cat Ball Feeder Interactive Game

  • Keep moving: Combining mealtime with exercise, Cat Treat Spring Dispenser will improve cat obesity and promote digestion, which is very beneficial to cat health.
  • Safe materials and appearance design: The Cat Treat Spring Dispenser is made of a wooden base, metal springs and pp balls, and contains no toxic materials. It is completely safe for your cat to use. The appearance is round and the corners are round, which can effectively prevent cats from scratching themselves while playing, and also effectively prolong the service life of the toy.
  • Swing Tumbler: The Cat Treat Spring Dispenser features a tumbler design that swings to every angle without tipping over. At the top, there is a spring bar. The spring bar is resistant to bending and is not easy to fall off. When the tumbler shakes, the ball will shake with it, which can stimulate the cat’s hunting instinct to touch and scratch, bringing happiness and fitness to the cat.
  • Increase the happiness of pets: Cat Treat Spring Dispenser can be used by multiple cats at the same time, and if you put the cat’s favorite snacks in the snack ball, it will greatly increase the happiness of pets.
  • Kitten’s Soulmate: It is the safest and most fun toy for your cat. It’s there to let your cat play and feed your kittens when you’re on the go or away from home.


Name: Cat Treat Spring Dispenser

Material: wood, metal, plastics


Basic model: 19*19*27cm / 7.5*7.5*10.6inch

Turntable: 19*19*32cm / 7.5*7.5*12.6inch

3 reviews for Cat Ball Feeder Interactive Game

  1. Jannette Wilmes

    The kitty liked it))

  2. Gayla Tincher

    Very good… One of my cats, is an addict.

  3. Della Drew

    Several days late. However, it is the best order I have received for packaging and protection, thanks

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